We live in the most affluent society that ever existed on the face of the EARTH BUT STILL SUFFER AN epidemic of misery and mediocrity


  • Forty-eight percent of first-time marriages, 67 percent of second marriages, and 73 percent of third marriages end in divorce
  • Fifty million people have experienced divorce
  • Seventy-five percent of doctor visits are stress-related
  • Forty million people suffer from anxiety
  • Forty-three million people abuse alcohol or prescription drugs, or use illegal drugs
  • Over 38,000 people commit suicide each year and more than 400,000 are treated for self-inflicted injuries


Relationships are in chaos; the family—the basic unit of society—is disintegrating and society is paying the price. This is happening with the best advice we have available. ..Until now…


Spiritual Engineering

Harmonizes God and Science for an Extraordinary Life


It uses the scientific process to actually discover, test and validate spiritual power to solve real-life problems and to offer a revolutionary model of relationships that utilizes this spiritual power as the foundation for all relationships.

Spiritual Engineering integrates the best in logical science and practical spirituality to give YOU realistic, concrete, step-by-step tools to fully investigate and validate spiritual concepts to transform your life and all relationships! We are fully committed to providing a dynamic scientific process to help you access your inner spiritual power, the “Kingdom of God Within” and allow that energy to move you to an extraordinary life and rewarding relationships.


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