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Even a great spiritual truth may not pierce the armor of self-righteousness.

Self-righteousness—discounting ideas and concepts because I believe that I know all the answers—condemns me to a limited life and everlasting ignorance. The “Don’t try to change my mind with facts, opinions, or your experience” attitude can be blatant or subtle; but the automatic rejection yields the same results. Personal growth requires hearing and trying things that disagree with pre-conceived ideas or long-cherished views.

Some may reject personal, practical spirituality due to a total rejection of religion; others may not believe in spiritual power or are committed to science and the material life; still others, independent and self-reliant to the core, may rebel at any belief in God. Nevertheless, it is an undeniable fact that many have experienced a higher quality life as a direct result of spiritual practices. They have discovered an un-suspected inner reservoir of power, guidance, understanding, and purpose that transcends human resources; then, they have engaged in practices that cement and expand their discovery. But open-mindedness, the willingness to try, to experiment, and to experience is the key to opening the door to this new life.

Prayer: Dear God or whatever is out there and within me, remove any barrier of self-righteousness; make me receptive to that which can improve my life; open my mind, heart and soul to receive the truth that you have for me; guide my motives and thoughts this day. It is my will that your will be done.

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; reflect on the content, pausing for a few minutes in silence

“Silent Agreement” can spawn lies, sever loyalties, and lessen something honest or good without uttering a word.

Yes, silence may be golden, but failing to stand for our core values costs a heavy price (always for us and sometimes for others.) Make no mistake: Silence is tacit agreement with what has been said or done.

Like so many things, the motive for silence is more important than the act itself. “Why” we fail to speak determines the ultimate effect on our character. If the occurring words or deed reflect something that is not important, or we have no belief or knowledge about it, social grace may let us pass on stating our conviction or opinion. However, failing to address an action that conflicts with our life purpose, beliefs, or values because we fear others people’s opinions, are concerned with the repercussions that may be inflicted upon us, or we just want to “get along” causes three problems:

  1. Our silent agreement adds weight, strength, and credibility to something that offends us or that we feel is in error.
  2. Each such act takes a piece of our integrity, ethics, and courage.
  3. Repeated failures build character patterns until we are conditioned not to be speak out against anything.

Spiritual maturity and wisdom guide us when to speak loving, tactful, courageous words.

Prayer: Dear God, guide my mind this day. Give me wisdom, peace and courage as I engage with all people. Help me to always stand for what is important; guide me to speak and act with poise, loyalty and conviction but not be overly involved with the trifles of life.

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; reflect on the content, pausing for a few minutes in silence

God and the Satellite internet

A recent problem with my satellite internet connection demonstrated once again that I can see God in many things—if I am receptive.

We live off- grid in the high mountains of Colorado and were having a recurring problem with the satellite internet connection. A satellite orbiting 22,300 miles above the earth transmits the signal to a dish on our house. Severe weather conditions or something physical on the receiving dish itself (tree branches, snow, clutter) can interfere, but the weather was crystal clear and eliminated these possibilities.

A technician found that my home signal varied significantly in strength. It would be strong and then just decrease by a factor of 20 which would actually break the connection at times.  The measured signal from the source stayed consistently strong. We concluded that my modem was at fault and ordered a new one. Hopefully this eliminates or at least minimizes my internet connection problems.

As I watched the modem incoming signals vary so drastically, I realized that this is the same way my connection with God works. He is constantly “beaming” love, power, and peace toward me offering strong, vibrant and living connection. Sometimes I allow outer conditions to interfere. But more often it seems that my inner modem of receptivity blocks, garbles, or minimizes my reception. I fail to pause and pray; I fail to slow down and just give thanks; I fail to recognize the beauty, love and absolute wonder of His creation, my family, and my life. I get distracted by trifles, become immersed with “doing” instead of being aware of just “being.” But His signal is always there—strong, consistent, and powerful. I just need to re-boot or actually change what I’m doing to improve my inner modem and re-gain my receptivity.


people are happy

Spirituality for Science

Pittsburgh Better Times ran an article based on the “Spirituality for “Science” Brains: A Step-by-Step Recipe to Tap into Your Spiritual Nature…without Abandoning Logic” press release on their website on July 9, 2014. I have pasted the article below or you can view it at the following link:  Pittsburgh Better Times is a publication providing informative articles, inspiration and empowering stories about life, love, and faith for those who are divorced, separated, or widowed in the Pittsburgh area. Also, it covers arts and entertainment, consumer electronics, technology, business, careers, health, humor, personal finance, nutrition, travel, relationships, and self-improvement. It has a circulation of 40,000.

Janitor or CEO: Integrity is key to success

Someday Isle

I used to spend a lot of time in an isolated wasteland I call “The Someday Isle.”  This place is a little like Never-Never Land. Of course, adults don’t really believe in Peter Pan and Never-Never Land. But many supposedly mature people spend a lot of time in The Someday Isle and swear that it is a real, concrete place. You probably have visited there and may have heard the litany floating across the land every night; however, you may not know that this chorus comes from the pygmies who hide behind the trees and keep repeating

“Someday Isle … Someday Isle… Someday IsleSomeday Isle…” 

  • Someday I’ll quit doing things that hurt people I love
  • Someday I’ll start taking time to spend with my children.
  • Someday I’ll really quit doing this one thing that makes me feel guilty or ashamed.
  • Someday I’ll quit being dishonest with my employer. I’ll quit stealing time.
  • Someday I’ll tell the truth about everything and then I won’t have to be afraid of being caught.
  • Someday I’ll quit telling or listening to gossip.
  • Someday I’ll quit worrying so much.
  • Someday I’ll not care what other people think or say about me.
  • Someday I’ll not have to dress a certain way, or behave a certain way to please some one else.
  • Someday I’ll not let this job or my boss upset me.
  • Someday I’ll show them.
  • Someday I’ll do what I really want to do– move, take a trip, start a project, or get involved in something that‘s important to me.
  • Someday I’ll let my mother and father and all my family know how much I love them and how important they are to me.
  • Someday I’ll quit expecting my partner and others to read my mind.
  • Someday I’ll make more of an effort to live up to what I believe.
  • Someday I’ll truly trust God with all my concerns and not just give lip service to my faith.
  • Someday I’ll  …..


Don’t confuse this nefarious place with having dreams and goals. Someday Isle topics are things that I could do today if I was willing to do them.


I haven’t lived in Someday Isle for a number of years, but I still return for visits.

God lives in eternity but works in the moment with us. If I stay in this day—this moment-and stay close to Him, I can do all those things I used to promise that I’d do “Someday.”

Chaos in relationships

Peace is more comfortable than chaos but there is often some turmoil in building a lasting relationship. Is there growth from the chaos or do I get mired in it? Do the same problems keep repeating?

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