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The mind is the gateway to the soul; It can ignite spiritual growth or breed self-driven will that causes incessant misery.

Do you ever consider the true power of your mind? This is where we make the choices that determine the quality of each moment and each day. These decisions influence our education, relationships, career and future. Everything centers on how we use our mind. Do we use this marvelous thinking machine to access a gateway to the soul—to open the door that leads us to the excellent life or do we choose to let it be self-directed to propagate misery and discontent?

This day, train your mind to act for your best benefit; elevate the processing of your mind. Upon awakening, nurture thoughts of gratitude before getting out of bed; then, read something uplifting and positive to start the day and reflect on the reading. Become aware of your thoughts throughout the day. Try to remove yourself from being the center of all your thoughts, to not be constantly judging how things and people impact you.  Ask your inner spirit to direct your thinking; seek to see with spiritual vision instead of the eyes of self-centeredness; act with love and compassion instead of reacting with anger, self-pity, or selfishness. Contribute to the peace of another person; search for that small act of kindness and love that may bring a smile; greet the “god within” each person you meet instead of reacting to the exterior appearances. Raise your thoughts to a higher level.

Prayer: My loving inner spirit, I ask for your help and give you permission to guide my thoughts this day.  Balance my judgment with compassion; replace anger with a desire for peace, loneliness with the ability for friendship, and sadness with the desire to help. Let me walk with righteousness and be a living demonstration of your love, grace, and wisdom.

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; pause for a few minutes in silence.

It matters not what name I give God. He (She) is more concerned with my spiritual progress than my salutation.

Can limited, finite beings adequately name the infinite? THIS is the first Cause, the One before all things, who separated time from eternity, space from infinity to give home to the universes. He/She is the origin and upholder of the stars, planets, and all contained in the cosmos, the over-soul of creation and the designer of evolution. This majestic, powerful, creator initiated all forms of life and then, with love, bestowed a fragment of his very divinity, the “kingdom of heaven within,” to each of his children. This indwelling spirit patiently waits to act as a loving guide, unselfish friend, and source of transformative power but can only respond after the individual makes a choice to accept the divine assistance.

The name we speak pales in significance compared to how we respond, how we use our power of choice. Each choice enhances or erodes the quality of our life. Do we believe or not? Do we ignore even the possibility that we may have an innate spiritual component? Do we communicate thankfulness and receive direction and power every day?  If we believe, do we seek guidance for every part of our life; or do we do as little as possible—spend a little time each week saying a few words, sharing a few minutes, and then struggle with life?

Prayer: Dear ________, the first source of all things, the giver of life, my infinite and loving spiritual parent, thank you for creating and loving me; thank you for sending the divine spark the “kingdom of heaven within” to indwell me and all your children; help me seek this inner reservoir to guide my thoughts, elevate my ideals, and improve my acts with transforming power.  

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; pause for a few minutes in silence.

God supports spiritual progress; he does not gratify ease-seeking egos.

Mis-understanding what God does and doesn’t do and about what we are responsible to do leads to frustration and doubt about the value of the spiritual life. God participates in our spiritual growth and development but does not satisfy our immature material or emotional desires. If we’re broke, God will not help us hit the lottery. Nor will he violate someone’s power of free-will choice and make them love us, forgive us, or appreciate us.

The divine response is 100% consistent, reliable, and dependable when we align our desires and requests with God’s will or universe law; it is not as responsive when we try to bend or change the divine to fit our immature wishes. When we sincerely ask for help to improve ourselves, we get results. Sometimes, we may see a drastic, immediate change in our life circumstances; at other times, the results take some time to unfold. We can also receive spiritual direction and spiritual power. Quiet prayer reveals guidance to make the most beneficial decision; then, choosing the spiritual alternative opens that “unsuspected” inner reservoir of strength that helps us over come almost insurmountable obstacles.

Prayer: God, help me realize and accept what is your job in my life, what you will and won’t do. Let me shed any false expectations about you. Elevate my priorities and thoughts so that I may enjoy that peace that passes all human understanding. It is my will that your will be done.

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; pause for a few minutes in silence

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. Albert Einstein

True science and spirituality need not be foes. Only mediocre scientists or fearful religionists deny or attack the other realm. Any scientific assessment is valid only for material things; it cannot measure anything that is not physical. For example, no scientific apparatus will ever accurately measure a mother’s love for her child. Scientific instruments can measure heartbeat, breathing, and perspiration; they can detect and quantify chemicals released by the body when close to, or thinking about, the object of love; they can even differentiate shifts in brain waves that are associated with these thoughts and on and on. These are all physical responses to love and not the underlying reality. Some quality of love exists beyond these components.

Likewise, science can measure the physical aspects of God (parts of material creation); science can discover the laws that govern the material creation; but some spiritual quality exists outside this purely physical realm and science can never prove or disprove the existence of such non-material reality. Spiritual power is real but the only proof is personal experience; the validation lies in the transforming results experienced in an individual’s life. Participation in this experience requires 1) open-mindedness and 2) access to a spiritual discovery process that delivers results and 3) implementing the process (actually doing the work).

 Prayer: Dear God, open my mind, heart, and soul so that may understand that the Infinite that includes all things. Grant me the harmony to live in this material world as I discover the reality of spiritual power.

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; reflect on the content, pausing for a few minutes in silence.

Each of us have a indwelling divine presence that offers guidance, power, and security

We have been told:

  • Everyone has the Buddha within. Siddhārtha Gautama  550BC
  • Nor will they say “Look here” or Look there” for the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21
  • We found the Great Reality deep down within. In the final analysis, it was only there that He may be found.  (AA Big Book 3rd Ed.)
  • Every human being has a “fragment of God” within—and a birthright to claim this spiritual force. (Urantia Book)

Each of us has been given a direct link to the creator of the universe; however, activating and using this connection is wholly dependent on the individual’s choice and actions. Our power of choice is the supreme and sovereign power in the universe. We can choose to reject this wonderful guide and energy; we can superficially accept it as an idea that has some merit, allowing it to “sometimes” contribute to our life; or, we may fully embrace this great reality. It’s our choice and the rewards reaped in this life, the quality of this life, directly depend on this decision and the subsequent action to open the channel that allows this life-changing power to flow into our life.

Prayer: my loving, compassionate inner spirit, my friend who wants only the best for me, help me aware of your existence in my heart, mind and soul this day ; awaken me to the reality of your presence, power, and love. Help me to choose and act so that I may flourish, prosper and grow according to your plan and be a living testimony of the power and love of God abroad in this universe.

 Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; reflect on the content, pausing for a few minutes in silence.

Rejecting a religious doctrine does not reject God.

Many have rejected God and religion; some refuse to believe anything that appears to disagree with science; still others have no need for anything that doesn’t fit “modern” ideas or improve their materialistic life. Rejecting organized religion, disallowing doctrines that are intellectually invalid or morally repugnant is not rejecting God.

Some see God as the only uncaused cause; as the creator and upholder of the supernovas, stars and planets; as the source of all power and energy. In addition to this grand physical domain, he is as the very source of life and gives each unique human mortal the “kingdom of heaven within” which offers an inner reservoir of unsuspected spiritual power. He also gives us free will to choose whether we want to participate in the universe plan, claim our birthright, and activate this unique internal power to transform our life.  This life-empowering relationship can be discovered and enjoyed within the context of a religious group or alone. Accessing this “kingdom of heaven within” floods us with the peace that passes all human understanding, provides unflagging courage in adversity, and grants long lasting patience, enduring tolerance, and fulfilling love.

Prayer: I pray that the creator of all things, the origin and cause of the universes, the source of all power, and the giver of all life will touch my mind, heart and soul. Let me feel your presence; melt any barrier that blocks my full acceptance of your gifts; fill my being with love, peace and security.

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; reflect on the content, pausing for a few minutes in silence.

Shed the darkness of religious lethargy; Enjoy the amazing adventure of personally experiencing divine power

Religion without a vibrant, personal spiritual connection to the divine source is like the reflection of a flame in a mirror; it contains no heat. Some discover an exciting, intimate association with God through religious participation. Others may use such involvement as a substitute; they assume that attending church and participating in ritual constitutes a spiritual life. But half-hearted spirituality produces few results in daily living.

The personal spiritual quest is not dull, boring and glum; it’s an exciting adventure of discovering an indwelling source of power and guidance and finding solutions that actually solve the problems of life. This journey unleashes the additional source of spiritual energy that makes possible the greatest transformations possible in this life: this power moves us from addiction to freedom; from fear, anxiety, and anger to courage, peace, love, and tolerance; from weak and undirected drifting—blown hither and yon by the winds of life—to strength of character, certainty of purpose and unquestioned principles. This quest finds and welcomes the shift in attitude that views adversity as challenges, triumphs over overwhelming difficulties, and is willing to reach out the hand of love and compassion to the less fortunate.

Prayer: Dear God, break my shackles of lethargy, apathy and rebellion; grant me the willingness to launch a new life, to have the courage to explore and find all that I might be. Guide my efforts to find you, to feel and experience the inner spirit you so graciously gave me. Grant me the wisdom to allow this spirit to transform my life.

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; reflect on the content, pausing for a few minutes in silence.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life

Did you make a mistake yesterday? Did you do something you really wish you hadn’t done? No one on this planet can go back in time and change what has happened even five minutes ago. If necessary, we may have to apologize or make amends and then, we must completely release the error. This day—this moment—is our starting point. It is a new day–it has never been used—and we will never have another chance at this day for the rest of our life.

We pause, bring our mind into this moment, take three relaxation breaths and acknowledge five people or things for which we are grateful. We ask our inner spirit to help us keep our mind in this moment and to give us guidance and strength to be a better person; we must learn from yesterday but not dwell on the glory or mistakes of the past.  We commit that we will not allow the past, another person, or any situation steal time from this day; we will not accept feelings of misery—anger, worry, guilt, fear, shame or other debilitating reactions. We can start this day in the morning, at noon, or anytime; it does not operate on a clock. It is our day to live.

Prayer: my divine source, help me to accept that I am human and will make mistakes; let you transforming power ease any contention about my past. Fill me with the hope that I can change, the desire to become the best I can be, the willingness to act, and the strength to overcame all barriers to my progress.  

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; reflect on the content, pausing for a few minutes in silence.

Wherever you are, be there

Life is always better if we can stay focused on THIS moment. We cannot change a thing we did just 5 minutes ago; we cannot control any person or event in tomorrow. Our mind and actions in this precise moment are all that we can realistically hope to control. God lives in eternity but he responds to us in the moment of NOW.

Yesterday and everything about it is gone forever; tomorrow is but a possibility. This moment, the one we are living right now is truly all that we have. Our body always stays in the moment—it is always in the NOW. Our mind is the only part of us that time travels. It journeys into the past, re-lives events, and returns with guilt, resentment, and regret; or it journeys into the future and brings back anxiety, dread, and fear. Once our mind has developed this time travelling habit, training it to stay home may be difficult. We access our inner spiritual power and ask for help; we strive for constant awareness and appreciation of every happening of every moment. Living in the moment actually improves our abilities in the real world. We still make plans but learn to not spend mental energy thinking about anything today that we cannot take an action on today. Making plans outlines actions; having expectations anticipates results.

Prayer: Father, me appreciate and love your world, others, and myself in each small moment as it passes; guide my thoughts; help me keep them in the NOW, in the very moment-by-moment experiences of this day.

 Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; reflect on the content, pausing for a few minutes in silence.

Un-returned love is not wasted but flows back to soften and purify the heart of the lover

Love is an active and healthy concern for a person’s well-being; a desire to good for others. When we bestow love to someone, the acts and feeling of love flow from us to them. Nothing about the definition requires or even suggests that we will receive love as a reciprocal act. It’s not about us. It’s a bonus when we do receive love in return, either from the object of our love or someone else. The definition also offers some additional guidance. Our act of love should truly enhance a person’s well-being, should contribute to his or her physical, mental, spiritual growth; love should help but never enable.

Love is an eternal quality that flows from the divine source, to us, though us, and to another person. We can become an open conduit for this divine value. As we bestow it with wisdom—with no need or expectations—we receive beautiful gifts. This divine quality nurtures and refreshes our very being as it flows through us, softening and purifying our heart and soul, helping us to become the best version of our self.

Prayer: I pray that I may open my mind, heart and soul to receive the love so freely given from my spiritual source. Open my heart; let this beautiful quality flow outward from me to those in the most need of love. Help me bestow love with wisdom, expecting nothing in return; grant that I feel and express gratitude for any and all love that I receive this day.

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; reflect on the content, pausing for a few minutes in silence.

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