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Patricia Strawser is the co-founder of Spiritual Engineering, Inc. She was originally from Colombia, South America and  immigrated to the United States in 1988 to receive her B.A. degree in Psychology. Patricia’s extensive background in teaching, counseling and psychology proved invaluable in her efforts to positively transform the lives of abused children, adults and families.

Patricia’s own incredible personal and professional transformation began in 2002 when she met her husband Thomas and she became acquainted with the Spiritual Engineering principles.  Since living this program, Patricia has developed curriculum for the educational series and she translated some of the work produced by Thomas. Patricia has created a beautiful life of happiness and endless possibilities; not only for herself and family but one she shares with her clients daily to help them achieve the purpose of their lives. Patricia’s passion is to educate and enlighten everyone around the world about the benefits of Spiritual Engineering and how this intelligent and simple process can help individuals positively experience an amazing transformation in all areas of their existence.


Thomas Strawser is the founder of Spiritual Engineering, Inc. Tom is a dynamic, gifted and highly sought after public speaker, writer and visionary leader whose mission is to give people the tools and education they need to change their own lives into an amazing success on every level. Tom has a B.S. Engineering Degree and a Graduate Degree in Psychology and has spoken to groups from around the world helping individuals in the global community to achieve their own inner greatness and start living the emotionally happy and healthy life they were born to live.

Tom has personally and professionally experienced some of life’s greatest challenges including being diagnosed with total blindness, the death of his teenage step-daughter, his mother, and his wife of many years to cancer. By applying the life changing process of Spiritual Engineering to his own life, Tom developed the necessary tools and skills needed to achieve and maintain the extremely joyful, productive and prosperous life he leads today.

                                                      OUR MISSION

Spiritual Engineering is fully committed to providing a dynamic scientific process to help you access your inner spiritual power, the “Kingdom of God Within” and allow that energy to move you to an extraordinary life, rewarding relationships and to make a positive impact in society.

                                                      OUR VISION

Spiritual Engineering is the world leader and premier provider of innovative new scientific and spiritual technology that gives everyone the necessary information, tools and skills to positively change their lives forever!

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