Thomas Strawser, international engineer and author of Spiritual Engineering: The New Science for Happiness and Extraordinary Relationships, is one of many who saw no end to his inner turmoil. After a near suicide attempt, Strawser developed a new, scientific way to create happiness. Merging science, commonsense and spirituality, Spiritual Engineering offers groundbreaking and practical solutions to combat feelings of despair and end negative relationships. Listen to Tom’s interview at the Striker Corbing Show on : January 19, 2011.

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  • Nicole:

    Hello there. I met you and your lovely wife Patricia in San Antonio at the world convention. I was there with my sponsor you gave her a book and me a cd “I believe”, my fiance’ and I listened to it on the drive home back here to houston. I’ve incorportated in my step 3 assignments to my girls and it has proved to be beneficial to us all. My sponsor was sick when we went, she was on the waiting list for a heart transplant, but I was favored enough to have had 3 good years with her, she died 12-10-10, your wife and her’s soul danced there in sober city, it was a beautiful. Your wife said that pain was inevitable in life, but misery was an option, I’ve held on to that and your cd through my grieving process. I know that it was meant for us to meet on that day. I’ll never forget ya. Any way I could be of service to ya..let me know. I don’t have a copy of your book, my sponsor paula who died must of thought alot about it, they found it in her hospital room. Don’t know what happened to it but i’d like a copy. Let me know.

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