Science and Spirituality apply to Relationships

                                                FIRST SESSION


  • What is Spiritual Engineering: A new approach to happiness and extraordinary relationships.
  • Emotional State of the union: Why current viewpoints are not working; Brief introduction to a humanistic outlook in personal development; Fassel analogy and correlations with relationships. Why we get used to emotional misery.
  • Applying physical laws to relationships.
  • Identify the Natural Order of Things (N.O.T) the way things are meant to be.
  • The N.O.T applied to relationships.

 OBJECTIVES: Participants will develop skills that help them to:

  • Understand that there are choices over the emotions and don’t need to be controlled by them. 
  • Become familiar with using The Engineering Problem-Solving Techniques (HAND-OUT)
    • Religion VS. Spirituality. Differentiation.
    • Attitudes associated with believe and faith.
    • Uniqueness of Spiritual Engineering: Depends on action rather than belief.
    • Unseen forms of physical energy. What is spiritual energy?
    • Attributes, qualities, and functions of a Higher Spiritual Power.
    • Requirements for effective prayer. What to pray for and get verifiable results.
    • Guided Meditation.
    • Exercises for building the spiritual relationship with a Higher Power.


 Setting the foundation or finding a spiritual power that works in your life.

OBJECTIVES:  To provide tools so that participants will:

  • Discover and develop a personal relationship with Higher Power.
  • Test and validate the effectiveness of having this inner spiritual guidance.

     Daily Spiritual Maintenance   (HANDOUT)  

                                                 SECOND SESSION

 THE RELATIONSHIP WITH SELF: Building the walls or developing healthy self-love and self-esteem

  • The N.O.T for Self.
  • Integrity: the Key.
  • The three life arenas: Mind-Body-Spirit-How to unify them.
  • Attitude Appraisal: Guided self – evaluation.
  • Analysis of connection between expectations, motives, perceptions and negative feelings.
  • Impact of unconscious decisions and patterns on emotions.
  • Emotional inventory-Description of process.

 OBJECTIVES: Introduce each participant to:

  • A method of increasing self-knowledge,
  •  “Know Thy Self,”
  • Evaluate personal characteristics affecting quality of life.  

             Self-evaluation (HAND-OUT


THE RELATIONSHIP WITH SELF: Uncovering the new personality  

  • Emotional inventory.
  • Identifying disturbing patterns of behavior.
  • Emotional release.
  • Emerging self-attributes. Fulfilling our personal vision.
  • Understand and apply the techniques of personality unification—that the mind be guided by the inner spiritual presence.

 OBJECTIVES: Provide the participants with tools to:

  • Learn how to use a systematic and experiential technique to eliminate emotional problems.



                                                The crowning achievement                                                                                                      

  • What is Healthy Love? Characteristics.
  • Integrity and setting boundaries. 
  • Changing conflicting patterns of behavior.  Newton’s 1st. Law applied to relationships.
  • Five requirements for change; Engineering process applied to relationships.
    • From Special to Extraordinary relationships.

Spiritual Maintenance.  (HAND-OUT). Review.

OBJECTIVES: Provide the participants with tools to:

  • Learn how to use a systematic and experiential technique to eliminate emotional problems.


PART TWO: THE PHOENIX PEOPLE: Rising from the ashes of painful mistakes

  • Personality Unification- Holistic approach-review
  • Forming relationships.
  • Characteristics of the Phoenix People.
  • Loving Service- Getting involved. Living with purpose.
  • A vision for us and the world-community.
  • Evaluation of the process.

      The Phoenix People- (HAND-OUT) 

      Personal Contract- service to others ((HAND-OUT) 


  • To guide participants into developing a new plan of action for an extraordinary life. 

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