As the title of the book makes clear, this is a book about spirituality—but it’s unlike most books you’ll find on this topic. How so? Well, for starters, you don’t have to come to this book as a believer. I’ve had the honor of presenting Spiritual Engineering ideas to thousands of people around the world over more than twenty years, and among the enthusiastic proponents of this program have been Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, and Hindus, as well as some who came to it as questioning believers and agnostics.

          All that you need to benefit from these techniques is an open mind and willingness. The life-changing transformation it offers depends on action instead of belief. This process centers on cause and effect, action and results. Of course, the actions should follow the suggested process if you want the consequences that the process is designed to achieve. These results include the opportunity to experience the highest quality life possible—the best relationships, the deepest happiness, and the ability to face any problem or adversity in life without fear or trepidation.

My many years of investigation testify that anyone can survive without practicing spirituality. Any of us can settle for survival and mere coping with life, struggling from one problem and adversity to the next. In fact, the majority of people live this way. However, this same research also shows that if we want to thrive in healthy relationships and experience the maximum happiness life has to offer, some type of spirituality (not religion) is necessary.

I avoided this spiritual idea for some time because it didn’t fit with the way I saw life. I was a logical engineer. I wanted specific and practical answers, and spirituality seemed too vague. But as I did my research, the evidence kept accumulating until it became undeniable that people with certain spiritual concepts and practices just experienced a better life than others. I still needed a form of spirituality that let me accept science and logic. I believed that they had to fit together as part of an overall explanation of why we are here on this planet and what we are supposed to get out of life. 

Spiritual Engineering integrates engineering techniques, science, psychology, and personal spirituality in a new and innovative approach. It’s different than many religions or other spiritual paths. Instead of saying, “Believe what we tell you, act in line with that belief, and you’ll reap the rewards,” it simply asks you to be a little open-minded and work through the process (take action), experience the results, and then develop your belief based on those results.

Each of us has a unique personality; we share a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds and encompass diverse attitudes and opinions. These yield different belief systems. This does not present a problem but forms a wonderful advantage, for we can all see different aspects of many things and learn from each other. Even with these differences, we do share something in common. Each of us possesses an inner spiritual energy, a real power that can dramatically improve our lives. However, few people ever discover this inner energy or learn skills that allow it to transform their lives.

Spiritual Engineering provides a process to do just that. It helps us find our inner spiritual power, experience the awesome transformation produced by that newly found energy, and then test and develop personal ideas and concepts about that inner force.

This book presents some concepts about God and spirituality that have helped others and me work through this process. These do not pertain to any particular religion and have offered me a way to synthesize science, God, relationships, and a view of life. But please remember, these are offered as a starting point, an opening that will hopefully move you to investigate and develop your personal views. Use these methods to spur you into discovering your amazing inner force and the practical benefits of a spiritual life.

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