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THE WORKS! As a counselor of over 25 years’ experience this is the first system I have ever found that truly can be used by all persons toward true personal growth. It is both systematic and practical. I have used it and loved it for the success of the approach. It actually helped me reprioritize myself in a way that will remain with me for life. His melding of so many of the world’s religions, philosophies and therapies into a scientific approach is masterful. I loved it and have recommended it to everyone in need of guidance. It works! Chip M. CO


HIGHLY RECOMMENS THIS ONE! Applying engineering logic and modified scientific laws to the inner quest helps us access and unleash the spiritual energy of transformation. The term Spiritual Engineering describes this unique integration of science and spirituality.
Many of us struggle with our search for true happiness and peace. Book after book tells us how to reach spiritual enlightenment, however our logical brains often have trouble deciphering the methods described. We are told to “Step outside of ourselves when conflicts arise.” What? How do we do that? Or “Go to the place of quiet peace,” okay where exactly is that? Our logical, thinking ego/mind does not understand, or doesn’t want us to understand. Finally an author that has used a rational, logical approach, in fact an engineer’s approach, to applying the techniques and processes that we need to reach our spiritual core, our own happiness.
Step by methodical step will take you through the process. Practical, insightful and entertaining methods will help you understand and make the necessary transformation. Readers will learn skills to avoid anger, resentment, jealousy and misery.
The author provides many examples of how he has applied this technique with much success. Included is a self-appraisal that will greatly improve your chances of success. It is complete, concise and extremely detailed; a most valuable tool for everyone regardless of your emotional maturity, self-knowledge or need to improve your relationships. Learn to love yourself first and then love others completely and without fear. Shirley R.  CAN.


IT CHANGED MY LIFE! This book literally changed the way I view myself and life. I’m a 27 year old alcoholic with 2+ months sober. Myself will had run riot and I was full of character defects. This book gave me a guideline to live a better life. Thanks Mr. Strawser! Tommy, TX.


THE PATH! This is a great book for the person who wants change in their life but is not clear how to proceed. The precise clear cut directions coupled with the stories to help the individual understand that the process has worked for others and can work for them if the instructions are followed makes this book a tool for success to change. I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking an answer for a happier life. This book is not just for someone like myself looking for the answer to the war that has been raging inside me for 50 years but also for the person who is looking to enhance their spiritual understanding. I have gifted this book to several friends and personally recommended it to others. Casey


Encouraging readers to bring stronger relationships and keep the negative emotions out of their lives.  With a rocketing divorce rate, could there be a flaw in the spirit of society? “Spiritual Engineering: The New Science for Happiness and Extraordinary Relationships” brings an intriguing collection of thoughts to the table encouraging a self-reevaluation of thoughts, belief, and self-acceptance. Encouraging readers to bring stronger relationships and keep the negative emotions out of their lives, “Spiritual Engineering” comes to readers with plenty of thought and encouragement to lead a more spiritual and fulfilling life. Midwest Book Review


Spiritual Engineering :When we go through difficult life situations, we have two basic choices. We can wallow in our pain and let our problems take over our lives, drain us of all hope for the future, and secure our place in misery. Or, we can choose to look at the situation from a different angle, dust ourselves off, and find the gem in all that mess.Tami Brady “Whole Health Therapist. CAN

In Spiritual Engineering, the author talks about his lowest moments when he came within a heartbeat of ending his life. Although it wasn’t an easy road, that single moment (and obviously his choice to live) signaled a crossroads. In any case, he began looking for some sort of meaning, some method to transcend his suffering. Over time, he found what he calls spiritual engineering.
Spiritual Engineering is based upon two things. The first is accepting instead of judging a situation. This ties directly to the second point, believing in something bigger than ourselves. It really doesn’t matter what you call that something just that you believe that the nature of the world is a tendency for the greatest good. If we follow the flow of life, rather than fight the inevitable, we will find a richer, more meaningful existence.

It’s the hardest thing to do, to take action (or inaction as the case may be) but it truly is amazing what lies beyond all that fear and anxiety. We fight so hard against things we don’t want, pray for things we want, and blame others for our problems. Yet, we tend to be short sighted not seeing that the pain and suffering makes far more sense when looking at the big picture.


Strawser Shares The Recipe For A Spiritual Transformation.  

In SPIRITUAL ENGINEERING, author Thomas Strawser shares his own personal battle with discouragement and despair and how he allowed his thinking and attitude to be transformed for the better and how we can all do the same.

The book is laid out in such a way that it addresses issues of the day that everyone is feeling, and gives solid advice and counsel as to how issues can be handled. It’s not a instant process, but it is one that can begin today, starting with our decision to live a better life and to contribute more to the world.

SPIRITUAL ENGINEERING is not just for people of faith. It is for anyone who wants to see positive changes in the world, and can accept their own responsibility in making that a reality.

I highly suggest this book be given a read and referenced as we go through various chapters of our lives. C. A. Webb “Conversations Book Club” (Jackson, MS)



It really works!. A Kid’s Review


I was not prepared to like this book. I thought to myself, “Oh, great, another self help book.” Yet the more I read the book I came to realize it really can help people. This book begins with the author at the lowest point of his life. He searched for various ways to help himself, but could not pull himself out of the emotion wreck he was in. He even thought of suicide.

Then one day he started to think like an engineer. He came up with a plan to use his knowledge of engineering and spirituality to use. It was not an easy process but after much work he had found answers to help himself.

This book is filled with tools to help people no matter what their problems may be. Tools to help us all lived a better life. I really like the exercises that can be found at the end of the book. The author has told us about starting your day exercises, during the day exercises, and then nightly review exercises. I especially liked page 230 and the attitude adjustment cards. You will just have to read this book to understand what they are. But they can be used to help you with your marriage.

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