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It matters not what name I give God. He (She) is more concerned with my spiritual progress than my salutation.

Can limited, finite beings adequately name the infinite? THIS is the first Cause, the One before all things, who separated time from eternity, space from infinity to give home to the universes. He/She is the origin and upholder of the stars, planets, and all contained in the cosmos, the over-soul of creation and the designer of evolution. This majestic, powerful, creator initiated all forms of life and then, with love, bestowed a fragment of his very divinity, the “kingdom of heaven within,” to each of his children. This indwelling spirit patiently waits to act as a loving guide, unselfish friend, and source of transformative power but can only respond after the individual makes a choice to accept the divine assistance.

The name we speak pales in significance compared to how we respond, how we use our power of choice. Each choice enhances or erodes the quality of our life. Do we believe or not? Do we ignore even the possibility that we may have an innate spiritual component? Do we communicate thankfulness and receive direction and power every day?  If we believe, do we seek guidance for every part of our life; or do we do as little as possible—spend a little time each week saying a few words, sharing a few minutes, and then struggle with life?

Prayer: Dear ________, the first source of all things, the giver of life, my infinite and loving spiritual parent, thank you for creating and loving me; thank you for sending the divine spark the “kingdom of heaven within” to indwell me and all your children; help me seek this inner reservoir to guide my thoughts, elevate my ideals, and improve my acts with transforming power.  

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; pause for a few minutes in silence.

God and the Satellite internet

A recent problem with my satellite internet connection demonstrated once again that I can see God in many things—if I am receptive.

We live off- grid in the high mountains of Colorado and were having a recurring problem with the satellite internet connection. A satellite orbiting 22,300 miles above the earth transmits the signal to a dish on our house. Severe weather conditions or something physical on the receiving dish itself (tree branches, snow, clutter) can interfere, but the weather was crystal clear and eliminated these possibilities.

A technician found that my home signal varied significantly in strength. It would be strong and then just decrease by a factor of 20 which would actually break the connection at times.  The measured signal from the source stayed consistently strong. We concluded that my modem was at fault and ordered a new one. Hopefully this eliminates or at least minimizes my internet connection problems.

As I watched the modem incoming signals vary so drastically, I realized that this is the same way my connection with God works. He is constantly “beaming” love, power, and peace toward me offering strong, vibrant and living connection. Sometimes I allow outer conditions to interfere. But more often it seems that my inner modem of receptivity blocks, garbles, or minimizes my reception. I fail to pause and pray; I fail to slow down and just give thanks; I fail to recognize the beauty, love and absolute wonder of His creation, my family, and my life. I get distracted by trifles, become immersed with “doing” instead of being aware of just “being.” But His signal is always there—strong, consistent, and powerful. I just need to re-boot or actually change what I’m doing to improve my inner modem and re-gain my receptivity.

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