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We can only see what is in front of our eyes; we cannot see the history.

We see anger but not the earlier years of abuse or fear

  • We see selfishness but not the previous poverty of love
  • We see self-centeredness and self-righteousness but not the low self-esteem or the despair of self-loathing.
  • We see the inability to engage in healthy relationships but not the absence of spiritual core with lack of healthy self-love.

Yes, each person is accountable for their current actions; each person is responsible to recognize their mistakes and shortcomings that interfere with their lives; each will be offered multiple opportunities to choose change. However, the unfortunate may lack the necessary humility to admit their deficiencies, the desire or the courage to change, or not have a guide and viable process for change; they may reject a spiritual solution for living problems; or they may just be having a bad moment or terrible day.

Whenever we encounter such objectionable conduct, it is our choice how we allow it to affect us. Do we share the light to provide illumination or contribute to the darkness? Let us show:

  • tolerance, not anger
  • patience, not a quick response
  • love of the hard-to-love, not retaliation
  • the willingness to walk away, not to engage in pointless conflict
  • the power and beauty of a sprit-led life, not the desperate charade of self-driven will

If we are among the fortunate; we must be an expression of truth.

Prayer:  Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

The mind is the gateway to the soul; It can ignite spiritual growth or breed self-driven will that causes incessant misery.

Do you ever consider the true power of your mind? This is where we make the choices that determine the quality of each moment and each day. These decisions influence our education, relationships, career and future. Everything centers on how we use our mind. Do we use this marvelous thinking machine to access a gateway to the soul—to open the door that leads us to the excellent life or do we choose to let it be self-directed to propagate misery and discontent?

This day, train your mind to act for your best benefit; elevate the processing of your mind. Upon awakening, nurture thoughts of gratitude before getting out of bed; then, read something uplifting and positive to start the day and reflect on the reading. Become aware of your thoughts throughout the day. Try to remove yourself from being the center of all your thoughts, to not be constantly judging how things and people impact you.  Ask your inner spirit to direct your thinking; seek to see with spiritual vision instead of the eyes of self-centeredness; act with love and compassion instead of reacting with anger, self-pity, or selfishness. Contribute to the peace of another person; search for that small act of kindness and love that may bring a smile; greet the “god within” each person you meet instead of reacting to the exterior appearances. Raise your thoughts to a higher level.

Prayer: My loving inner spirit, I ask for your help and give you permission to guide my thoughts this day.  Balance my judgment with compassion; replace anger with a desire for peace, loneliness with the ability for friendship, and sadness with the desire to help. Let me walk with righteousness and be a living demonstration of your love, grace, and wisdom.

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; pause for a few minutes in silence.

Our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy.

Our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy.

The power and influence of our mind has been long recognized. Over 2500 years ago, The Dhammapada noted: Hard it is to train the mind which goes where it likes and does as it wants; but a trained mind brings health and happiness.

Our mind generates thoughts that yield happiness, mediocrity or misery. The choice depends on how we use our mind—the way we think. Something happens; we react with an instantaneous thought or feeling. The thought-feeling generates more thoughts that focus on the problem; the feelings gain strength and become entrenched. We are in the cycle of misery. Our mind seems to have a mind of its own.  The self-directed mind cannot solve problems started and exacerbated by that very same mind.

Breaking this addictive mental cycle requires that we control our mind.  If all else fails, we can pause, access our inner spiritual power and ask for help to direct our mind; this practice start training this mental machine. This transforming influence, an actual additional energy, provides the power to break the shackles binding us to certain thoughts and to re-direct our thinking. The spirit-directed mind sees a different view, a more balanced and truer perspective and becomes our best friend.

Prayer: My loving divine source and indwelling spirit please quiet my mind and ease my emotions; elevate my thoughts to be conscious of and to reflect your will in my life; grant me a new perspective that I may see the truth; guide my mind to awareness of my blessings; make me aware of simple actions I may take that will shift my thoughts. Help my mind be a benefit instead of a liability, to bring me happiness instead of misery.

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; pause for a few minutes in silence

Acceptance is an essential tool for a peaceful life; however acceptance occurs in stages.

If I keep running headfirst into a brick wall and it always bloodies my head, I can deny that I’m hitting the wall or deny that it’s hurting me (denying the fact of reality); but then, this leads to repeating the same action and suffering the same result. If I want to quit hurting, I face three levels of acceptance:

  1. Resistive acceptance: I understand that the reality does exist (I accept the fact of reality—it is what is); I bear up resignedly and believe that it’s wrong or unfair. (I don’t want that wall to be here; it’s not fair or right but if I want to stop hurting, I’d better quit running into it).
  2. Neutral acceptance: I am at peace with the facts; I cease struggling; although I still don’t like or appreciate what has happened, I calmly accept it and move forward with my life. (I don’t agree with this wall being there; I don’t like it or understand it, but it must serve some purpose; I cease giving it power to cause me emotional turmoil.
  3. Total acceptance: I enhance my understanding; something makes me see how the reality I face can actually benefit me and I start to appreciate it. (I had the opportunity to view what’s on the other side of the wall and it’s keeping a pride of lions from attacking me! I would be insane to tear it down. I’m grateful for that wall)

Prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; reflect on the content, pausing for a few minutes in silence

Guilt often comes from expectations

Guilt is a feeling of culpability of being responsible or blameworthy for harm or error.

Like fear, guilt can be healthy or unhealthy. We can be overly sensitive to other people’s expectations and feel guilty when we disappoint them; we can set unreasonable expectations on our self and feel guilty when we fall short; we can have misconceptions about God and feel unwarranted guilt through our misunderstanding.  Unhealthy guilt can cause deep agony; we can experience deep, soul-disturbing feelings and have done absolutely nothing wrong.

If we have actually done something wrong, even healthy guilt can exert unnecessary harm. We cannot allow it to mire us in despair and self-loathing nor to extend beyond an appropriate time. We need to right the wrong, make restitution, apologize or whatever; then we let this experience mold us into a better person, a move loving child of God. Our mistakes can bring the pain that makes us move forward; our errors may initiate wisdom, patience, and tolerance.

Prayer: My loving spiritual parent, I claim my birthright as your child. I come to you in this time of inner turmoil and ask that you direct my thoughts. If I have strayed from the path of your choosing and committed error, guide me in making right all things; grant me courage, wisdom, and sincerity as I proceed. If I am overly sensitive to expectations, replace my misguided reactions with true understanding; pervade my mind with your love; restore my soul with your peace.

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; reflect on the content, pausing for a few minutes in silence.

Life gives us pain but misery is optional—and self-inflicted.

Pain includes grief, sadness, and mourning; Misery embraces fear, worry, anxiety, anger, resentment, remorse, envy, jealousy, self-pity, pride and most guilt. Misery can start with untreated pain that has become infected or it can be initiated and propagated by selfishness, self-centeredness or self-righteousness.

Life gives us pain. Loving other people makes us vulnerable to pain. We will lose people to death and separation. We will hurt, sometimes so much that it seems our heart and soul may break into shreds or will never heal, but we know that with time, the healing balm of God’s love, and the love of family and friends, we can survive and flourish.

But misery is optional—and it’s self-inflicted. Self-directed will—selfishness, self-centeredness, self-righteousness, self-pity—are the primary cause of misery. This is one of the most life-changing truths we’ll ever discover. We eliminate or decrease all those upsetting feelings when we replace self-directed will with God’s will, or divinely inspired direction.  When we sincerely ask for help and are open to receive it, our inner spirit, the “kingdom of heaven within” supplies the strength and guidance to accomplish this.

Prayer: My magnificent spiritual parent, my marvelous source and destiny, I thank you for the spark of divinity that you gave me to guide and strengthen me. I feel your presence and know that you will grant me healing from pain; I ask that you transform any selfish or self-centered thoughts to love, tolerance and patience.

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